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Instant Living One Bedroom Plan

Instant 426 Square Foot 1 Bedroom Model

Starting at $179,450

Our one bedroom, one bathroom ADU provides a level of living on par with any apartment.
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Instant 430 Square Foot 1 Bedroom Model

Starting at $185,450

Our compact floor plan packs a lot into 430 sq. ft. Tall ceilings and lots of windows gives the feeling of luxury.
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Instant Living Studio Bedroom Plan
Instant Living Two Bedroom Plan

Instant 500 Square Foot 2 Bedroom Model

Starting at $195,250

Extend your house's living space with our gorgeous two bedroom, one bathroom ADU. Perfect for a Rental or Family!
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Instant 780 Square Foot 2 Bedroom Model

Starting at $259,950

Our 780 sq. ft. ADU is the first of our three new models. Enjoy the same comfort and quality but in a much more spacious package. It's almost like adding another house to your property!
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Instant 800 Square Foot 2 Bedroom Model

Starting at $269,490

Enjoy your new 800 sq. ft. ADU with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of our 3 new models, the Instant 800 provides a large living space in an affordable package.
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Instant 1041 Square Foot 3 Bedroom Model

Starting at $279,990

This massive 1,041 sq. ft. ADU will make you the talk of your neighborhood. The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are perfect for a family. Not to mention the effect on your property's value!
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