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Our ADU Models

Beautifully designed and available at less than 35% of the cost of traditional construction. Our prices are designed to include everything - Permit Processing, Home, Foundation, Utilities, Appliances, and Inspection.

Instant 426 Square Foot 1 Bedroom

Starting at $179,450
Our one bedroom, one bathroom ADU provides a level of living on par with any apartment. Perfect for a family member or available for use as a rental property.
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Instant 430 Square Foot 1 Bedroom

Starting at $185,450
Our compact floor plan packs a lot into 430 sq. ft. Tall ceilings and lots of windows gives the feeling of luxury. This studio will make the perfect addition to your backyard.
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  • Instant Living Two Bedroom Plan

Instant 500 Square Foot 2 Bedroom

Starting at $195,250
Extend your house's living space with our gorgeous two bedroom, one bathroom ADU. Perfect for a Rental or Family!
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Instant 780 Square Foot 2 Bedroom

Starting at $259,950
Our 780 sq. ft. ADU is the first of our three new models. Enjoy the same comfort and quality but in a much more spacious package. It's almost like adding another house to your property!
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Instant 800 Square Foot 2 Bedroom

Starting at $269,490
Enjoy your new 800 sq. ft. ADU with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of our 3 new models, the Instant 800 provides a large living space in an affordable package.
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Instant 1041 Square Foot 3 Bedroom

Starting at $279,990
This massive 1,041 sq. ft. ADU will make you the talk of your neighborhood. The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are perfect for a family. Not to mention the effect on your property's value!
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Instant Living Is A Family-First Company!

Instant Guest Homes is a Family First Company
Instant Living provides a complete solution that keeps families together while giving both the family member and their caregiving loved-ones independence, security and continuing wonderful memories. Instant Living produces small homes that are installed in a back or side yard, on a permanent foundation, to accommodate your loved-ones!
Instant Living include all the amenities of a house: a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a living/dining room, as well as modern technologies that mean an adult child or elder family member are never far from touch. Elder adults who live in our homes spend more quality time with their families and have continuing involvement that contributes to their sense of purpose and belonging.
Our solution keeps the family together while maximizing a person’s autonomy, dignity, privacy and safety, as well as keeping an emphasis on family and inclusion. That’s why, at Instant Living, we always ask the question, “how many precious memories are you willing to lose?”

Our "Soup-To-Nut" Approach For You

"Turn-Key" Service

Our prices are designed to include everything - unit, site work, installation, appliances, and inspection. We also provide quick, headache free customer service.

Designed To Impress

We have spent thousands of hours designing and detailing every inch of your ADU to make sure it's the perfect backyard home that can be customized to your liking.

Premium & Dependable

We partner with the best craftspeople to build our ADUs to the highest standards. This means you get a premium product with higher quality materials, at a lower price.

3 Stunning Models

We offer 3 smart floorplans: 426 One Bedroom, 430 One Bedroom, and 2 bedroom models. Their simplicity, functionality, and minimalism is paired with a timeless aesthetic.

Why Work With Us?

Fixed Prices, Free Design, Financing Referrals, Permit Processing, Full Project Management, Solar Ready, Warranties, Plus We Are A Local San Diego Company!

Granny Flats Made Simple

Whether your new Instant Living home is for your family or to earn some extra income, you cannot make a smarter or easier investment choice!  - Michael Avery, Architect

The Latest News On Granny Flats

February 12, 2021
Housing Parents in a Pandemic: How About the Backyard?

Many families are faced with the same dilemma during this COVID-19 pandemic: Where can our aging parents live safely while still being around the family? The New York Times has a great article that examines the usage of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs for short), otherwise known as Granny Flats, to solve the problem. Read the […]

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December 18, 2020
The Cost to Build a Granny Flat in San Diego

Clever homeowners are maximizing their space and adding value to their properties by adding a granny flat. These self-contained living areas are often used to put up aging parents, but they can also be used to house an au pair or young adult. This is a great time for building a granny flat in San […]

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